Climate-Smart INMED Aquaponics® Become food-secure and economically self-sufficient LEARN MORE Meet Kararegra Mashava Farm Manager at the first INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise (ASE) in South Africa, the charm of farming lies in working with living organisms, “which teach you something new every day.” Microgreens: These tender baby greens are packed with nutrients and flavor, fetching top prices from restaurants and generating revenue to grow the INMED ASE social impact. LEARN MORE

Invest in Us

A growing number of philanthropic investors and corporate CSRs are seeking to support organizations that foster social impact but are also self-sustaining. As a social enterprise, the INMED ASE makes good business sense, and its business model can be scaled globally to break complex cycles of poverty. Here’s how the INMED ASE ensures sustainability:

  1. Sale of the produce and fish from the INMED ASE hubs. INMED’s 10+ years of experience and market research = crops that fetch top prices.
  2. Reimbursement for training. INMED South Africa, for example, is accredited for agriculture training in mixed farming by AgriSETA, which reimburses the INMED ASE for skills development of the agriculture workforce in South Africa.
  3. Sale of inputs for aquaponics farmers. While the INMED ASE will earn revenue from this activity, farmers will save money because inputs for aquaponics are expensive when purchased in small quantities—and supplies are currently unreliable.
  4. Reasonable commissions for consolidation services = higher market rates for farmers.
  5. Sale of other items, including aquaponics system plans and pre-made starter systems.
  6. Fees from consulting services, which are in high demand among large cooperatives, municipalities and social impact NGOs throughout South Africa.
  7. Impact investments for growth and scaling around the world.

Email for more information on investing in or partnering with the INMED ASE.

Monetary Donations

When you donate to the INMED ASE, you’re investing in a sustainable enterprise that is projected to transition 1 million+ vulnerable people from subsistence to self-reliance by 2030. One donation can be exponential–both in social and economic impact. Invest today via INMED’s secure online donation site.

Make a Bigger Impact

Your donation has a much bigger impact when you set up a recurring direct debit. Not only will your support become a pillar for our work, but your recurring support is 100% tax-deductible.

Please note that you can opt-out or change the amount of focus of your donation at any time.

Workplace Giving

Be sure to check the employer match option when donating to INMED online. If your employer offers a matching gift program where you work, you may be able to double your donation to INMED Partnerships for Children. Many companies generously match the donations of their employees who make charitable contributions.

Designate INMED Partnerships for Children for your Workplace Giving Campaign:

United Way: # 2795

Combined Federal Campaign: # 11875

Combined Virginia Campaign: #200401

America’s Charities: Write us in!

Stock or Securities Donations

You may begin the process by e-mailing or call us at +1 (703) 729-4951.

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