Introducing The INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise The future of farming in Jamaica Read more... Climate-Smart INMED Aquaponics® Become food-secure and economically self-sufficient LEARN MORE Meet Kararegra Mashava For the Farm Manager at the first INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise (ASE) in South Africa, the charm of farming lies in working with living organisms, “which teach you something new every day.”


The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the critical need for local food production that can be adapted to local conditions, even where scarce water, soil and space conditions exist—mitigating the effects of climate change, and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of production. More than just providing food security, our innovative INMED Aquaponics® model was designed to transform struggling communities into thriving climate-smart hubs of self-reliance.

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Please watch our video on INMED Aquaponics® Climate Smart Revolution.

How Does the INMED ASE Work?

The INMED ASE is a hub-and-spokes network of physical and virtual training sites, mentor farmers from existing INMED Aquaponics® systems and producers and learning centers in public primary and secondary schools and universities—all supported by a production, consolidation and training center and satellite farmers—with web- and app-based real-time support and links to markets and financing.

Lines of Business

Training Services

  • Technical training and skills development (hands-on and online) in aquaponics
  • Business training (hands-on and online) on how to launch an agro-enterprise

Aquaponic Production

Produce and fish from the INMED ASE hub are sold to help fund training and other services for subsistence farmers and emerging entrepreneurs.

Consolidation Services

Aquaponics farmers may sell their harvests via the INMED ASE for higher rates than on their own. Farmers also have access to inputs, such as seedlings, fingerlings and fish food, at significantly lower bulk prices than on the commercial market.

Consulting Services

INMED ASE experts provide customised consulting and training in INMED Aquaponics® to nonprofit organizations, commercial cooperatives, schools and municipalities.

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    How INMED Aquaponics® is Changing Lives in South Africa