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INMED ASE in Caribbean

INMED Caribbean has partnered with Jamaica 4-H Clubs to implement the INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise (INMED ASE) in Jamaica with startup funding from the InterAmerican Development Bank. Located on a 14-acre parcel of land in Clarendon owned by 4-H, the INMED ASE hub farm and training center will expand on INMED Caribbean’s Increasing Access to Climate-smart Agriculture program.

INMED introduced its special brand of aquaponics in Jamaica in 2010 and has implemented nearly two dozen systems in technical schools, universities, communities, farming cooperatives and government facilities to bolster food security, climate adaptation and sustainable livelihoods.

INMED Caribbean and Jamaica 4-H Clubs are offering training at two locations. The 4-H St. Andrew Club is hosting a small starter system to teach youth about urban farming at its Duke Street Facility in Kingston. The INMED ASE Hub Farm and Training Center at Vernamfield, Clarendon is offering the full value chain of support to farmers and emerging agro-entrepreneurs, including technical and business instruction (virtual and hands-on), access to affordable financing, links to markets and ongoing technical support from INMED-trained RADA agents. The center also offers consolidation services, wholesale inputs (seeds, seedlings and fingerlings) and consulting services to help aquaponics farmers succeed—whether it’s for a home system for family food production or a large commercial system for income generation.

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How INMED Aquaponics is Transforming Agriculture & Local Economies in Jamaica

Our Partners

The INMED ASE is an initiative of global humanitarian development NGO INMED Partnerships for Children in collaboration with Jamaica 4-H Clubs with seed funding from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB Lab). 

An expansion of INMED Caribbean’s Increasing Access to Climate-smart Agriculture program, the INMED ASE is the result of more than a dozen years of support from a variety of partners, including USAID, IDB Lab, Caribbean Development Bank, the UN Environment Programme, the Technical University of Denmark, the College of Agriculture and Science Education, the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, the Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority. 

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